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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The 1st week

The first week here was great. It was adventurous and hectic trying to get settled in and figure out my surroundings, but I enjoyed every second of it. For some reason amidst all of the chaos this last week all of my pictures are of structured things. Strong architecture, organization, and lasting customs. Orderliness is not an accurate representation of my experience so far, but here are some of the things I've seen.

The Freshmen at the Campus do military style marching drills every morning for 2 weeks as part of their orientation into college life.

Notice the difference between the freshmen students and their uniformed upperclassmen.

On our way to the great wall we stopped at this farmers house to eat lunch. They make a lot of great food made right on their land and have a small dining hall for people who are visiting the wall to eat at.

The Great Wall of China. Seeing it with your own eyes delivers a sense of vastness that a picture just can't emulate.

The KTV building across the street from campus. Believe it or not this is a karaoke hall. The Chinese take their karaoke seriously.

An example of Beijing's unique architecture.

Construction in Beijing

A classic Pagoda

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