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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Catching Up

After a very long break, I will begin making occasional updates again on this blog. I've been going to school in Beijing, traveling around different parts of China, and spent a couple of months during the summer back in the States. It feels great to be back in such an exciting and interesting place like Beijing. To start, I'll give you a quick tour of some of the places I've visited over the last several months!

Food streets, the Pearl Tower, and unique high rises. The super city Shanghai continues to impress.

The water town Wuzhen on the outskirts of Shanghai gives visitors a sense of time traveling.

A brief visit with a Chinese friend's family in Hangzhou was a refreshing break from Beijing.
The famous West Lake and tea gardens are among Hangzhou's many popular attractions.
Lake Lugu
Lake Lugu is home to one of China's surviving minority groups whose lifestyle has been largely preserved, the Musuo people.
The quality of the water here was unlike any other place I had been to in China.

I'll be coming back shortly with something a little different for this blog.


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